Hi, I'm Juan, a digital designer.

I am currently the product design lead at Tendam↗. Previously, I worked at Redbility↗. I am also the co-founder of Upani↗ and taught at Ironhack↗.



Branding & UI design of the american massage community Myspalist.


I co-founded Upani. A spanish based cbd cosmetic brand, focused on improving people lives in a natural way

Tendam Design System

Creation of the multibrand (x7) Tendam Design System from scratch based in Figma

Dash & Stars

Digital launch of Dash & Stars, new sport clothing brand by Women`secret.

Hoss Intropia

Re-design and relaunch of Hoss Intropia after being bought by Tendam.

Metropolis Underground

Rethinking how people move on the subway in Metropolis city.


Inditex Design System
Product / UI design

Grupo Ortiz
UI design

Making Science

Pull & Bear
Functional audit

Don Carlos Spa & Resort
UX / UI design

Brand / UI design

UX / UI design


Brand / UI design

Me in 10 seconds

My name is Juan Cortázar. I am digital designer from the Basque Country. I currently work as product design lead at Tendam↗, a fashion retail group that sells their 7 brands around 80 countries in the world. Always playing in the intersection of design business and technology, with the human in between. Personally, I am curious and passionate about problem solving. I ask questions and take nothing for granted. Always in constant learning.

I previously worked at Redbility↗, were I mainly worked for Inditex, designing internal products and iterating their design system in collaboration with Mendesaltaren↗.

I am also the co-founder of Upani↗, a spanish based cbd cosmetic brand, focused on improving people lives in a natural way, through hemp and non psychoactive cannabinoids.

Outside of work, I love photography and travelling over anything else. Based in Madrid but not static.

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